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Can anyone help?
Oct 10, 2006
Here goes. I'm 35 and female. I gave birth to my daughter in July 2000. Since then I've been constantly lightheaded. Well, every month it gets worse. It wasn't bad, for the first few years, so I just lived with it. Then about 2003, it got really bad, and I had periods of time where I would have to stop driving for a week at a time. I went to a neurolgist who said it was just stress and prescribed Lexapro. Then he released me. He did a ct scan and eeg first. Well as time went by it gradually got worse. Forward to 2004. I went to another neurologist because it kept getting worse and worse. He did an mri of the brain, c-spine, eeg, and nerve conduction tests. He said that I had a congenital abscence in the cerebellum, but that the other part of my brain had compensated for it and it should not be causing me any problems. He said it was just migraines, and put me on Topomax. It made me very sick. He then released me and told me that it wasn't neurological. Well it's still getting worse. I had to give up driving 9 months ago, due to the headaches, and feeling like I'm going to pass out any minute. Also, now when I lay down on my side, it feels like something is being pushed to the other side. When I turn my head it feels like my brain isn't wanting to turn with it ( sounds funny I know), but that's the only way to explain it. I get a lot of floaters, and sometimes I can't see really well. I'm also getting to where I get extremely sleepy. I have 3 kids, and this is driving me crazy, because I can't do things with them, drive them places, etc. My 74 year old father-in-law is having to drive me around places, so my husband can work. I did have one more mri in December of 2005, but again it didn't show anything. The funny thing is that it didn't show the congenital abscense on that one. I'm thinking of going to a neurologist at Duke. He's six hours away from me. I have also had a full cardiac workup, lyme disease workup, ent workup, eye exam, dental exam, and tons of bloodwork. The bloodwork came back questionable for lyme, and low thyroid which I'm now on meds for. Does anyone have any suggestions. I can't even go to the store some days, due to this. And forget about me going to any school functions, or anything. I just can't sit through anything long. Could this still be neurological in nature and they are just missing something? I live in S.C., and our doctors are good here, but I wonder if the Duke doctors are better. This is totally ruining my life. And my kids, and husbands as well. The worse thing is not having a firm diagnosis. None of the migraine meds that I have tried worked, and none of the vertigo meds. I don't have vertigo, I just have the awful lightheadedness. Thanks for any help.
my headaches are sometimes sharp sometimes dull. Most of the time they occur behind my eyes and in between my eyes. Sometime my eyes feel so tired that I could pluck them out to get the pressure out from behind them. It's not sinus because I had a sinus scan a few months ago for this, but it was clear. A lot of the time, my head hurt on the right side. And when I'm lying on my side, sometimes the pressure feeling is so bad that it feels like something is coming out of the oppisite side. Like when I'm laying on my right side, something feels like it's pushing towards my left side of my head. Also, the last few days, my eyes are feeling really funny. They are blurry alot. I had an eye exam at the beginning of this year, and my eyes were fine. I do wear contacts, but have been wearing them for years, and the eye doctor said that my eyes had nothing to do with all of this. I just wish that I could find something out soon.

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