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Re: Tumor
Oct 16, 2006
Lots of people have pit tumors. Some cause hormonal problems, some don't..

They will not take out the tumor unless it is large (over 1 cm) or causing a few endocrine disorders. They fear that removal may cause damage to the rest of the gland.

Pit tumors rarely are found to grow in that short of time. The accuracy of the mri is questionable anyway.

It is very important that you are seeing a good doctor, most have no idea what they are talking about with this stuff. I have learned the hard way.

If you are feeling okay and have no weird symptoms, then it would be fine to check the tumor once a year.

If you are lactating, there is a medicine that can be taken that in many people stops the lactation and causes the tumor to shrink...

If there are other strange things going on I would suggest going to a pituitary specialist and making sure that ALL of your pituitary hormones have been properly checked.

Good luck to you!

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