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Hey I just signed up to this in search of support for head trauma victims from automobile accidents. Sounds stupid but it could help with support and stuff to know that people out there are going through the same stuff you are, since really the only people you do talk to are doctors and the only thing they have to go by are their books and education. They really haven't been through it. I was in a car accident in 2002 and Im STILL having problems. I think they are worse now than right after the accident. My memory is the worst, short term memory loss. I got most of it back, but I have trouble with college and simple tasks. When you were in the hospital, did they even do any tests on you? Like an MRI, EEG, CAT scan? There is a new, well its not new, but new enough that its not available to most hospitals and practitioners, and its not covered through most insurances (I don't think but Im not 100% sure), its called SPECT. What I would do if I were you is find out if you had these tests done, which im sure you did because you can't be released unless you had those done. But figure out what they found, if anything abnormal or not. You should go see a neurologist. When you got out, did you even need Occupational or Physical therapy? I don't want to scare you but you might get more problems as time passes, especially with your memory. You should do some research online if you can. Head injurys are really serious even if you feel fine and the doctors says you didn't have any brain damage or anything like that. I never thought I would have problems like I do now from my accident, or that they would last this long. I just thought that it would get better over time. I've never really had the appropriate treatment or sources because the doctors here are so stupid. You should also go see a speech therapist, they do cognitive skills and memory stuff. I noticed you posted your message a couple months ago, I hope you get this message. Your parents should take this really seriously. You might look fine, but really not. I;m not saying that your not, its just you said things are popping up now and you need to be taken seriously and looked at because it could result in something serious and could affect you later. Let me know if you get this or if you have any questions. I know a lot about it. I been through a lot of it and done a lot it. I hope you get your answers.


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