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Oct 29, 2006
A friend of mine is experiencing some very serious brain symptoms lately. She has a tumor in her thyroid, and I was suspecting that these symptoms were a result of a severe thyroid problem, but they appear more severe.

Some of the symptoms include:
Stabbing eye pain coming from the back of the eye. Spot on the eye.
Brain fog.
Can not remember things often times.
Very severe migraine-type headaches.
Has to focus very hard and concentrate to do a lot of things.
Will attempt to do something, but end up doing something else entirely and isn't sure why.
Slow speech, and unable to speak sometimes.
Can answer questions but it takes awhile for her to focus and think of the answer. Even simple questions.
Unable to write, walk, etc. Loses coordination and control of body.
Can not read out loud or translate visual images into verbal. (ie. remembers a sign name and can see it in her mind but can't tell me the name)
Sometimes legs just give out.
Can not make eye contact with someone.
Body just doesn't do what she's telling it to do.
Nausea and vomitting.
Chest pain, neck pain, ear pain (likely neck and ear pain are result of the thyroid tumor...)
Very cold sensitive.

MOST SYMPTOMS ARE CYLCICAL. By that I mean they come and go. Sometimes she is nearly fine and able to "fight it off" as she describes. Can walk and talk and function nearly normal although she says there is still a headache nonstop, and she feels weird. The symptoms come and go from hour to hour...sometimes bad for a few hours, then it will clear up, etc.

There are other symptoms, but those are the major ones. Essentially, she is having severe problems with her head. She complains of very weird feelings in her head, and often times a burning sensation in her head as well. She explains that something is blocking her from doing things when her head gets in the way. She uses the phrase "I dont know" a lot and gets aggrivated easily.

She's been to the ER and her CT scan and MRI have come up clean. There were some abnormalities reported, and I believe a possibility of some type of hemorrhage, but none of the doctors mentioned that to her really. She obtained the copy of her CT scan and read that herself.

My question is....if she has a brain tumor of some kind is it possible that her CT and MRI scan missed it? Is it possible that the scans missed it while her symptoms are this severe? Do those afflicted with a brain tumor have symptoms that come and go this fast (sometimes shes OK and can communicate, but a few hours later it will get bad again for awhile)?

Also, has anyone else had similar symptoms or heard of similar stories? Her doctor is setting her up with an appointment to hook her up to some machine where they put stickers on her head and electricically hook her up to read her brain pulses or something like that. I'm not familiar with it or its exact function, but I'm sure others here are. If anyone can tell me the name of that procedure I'd appreciate it. The doctors are taking their sweet time in figuring out what's wrong with her, and don't seem very concerned so I am trying to figure out if she should go to several doctors individually and get more CT and MRI scans or what. Basically, I'm just trying to see if anyone has any insight, help, knowledge, familiar stories, etc that can open my eyes to what may be wrong with her. Hope someone can help!

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