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Right now my symptoms are so numerous I won't go into them now. I'll start with the strangest, and the ones that started everything. I was driving along and felt the sensation of bubbles going to my head. Like bloop, bloop, bloop. The white of one of my eyes turned all red no pain but lasted a few days. Redness went away, but since then I have never felt the same. Shortness of breath came at the same time. I think it is some kind of bacteria/virus because it is slowly moving to other parts of my body. I have all the additional mystery symptoms lots of people have. Aches, dizziness,ect. HIV tests neg. other std tests neg. Seems like syphillis without the profuse rash, but tested neg. for that also. Any ideas would be great. CT normal. I never had any idea it would be so hard to find out what's wrong. Reading everyone's stories is shocking how much the medical community does not know. Where's Dr. McCoy (Star Trek) when you need him. Thanks for listening!
I think it would help if you told what kind of Doctors you have seen and exactly what tests you had. It sounds very unusual so I wonder what tests you have had like MRI, Xrays of eyes, etc.

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