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Hi Iam an 18 year old male and for maybe two years now i have had the strangest feelings in my head. sometimes its like a burning other times it's like a pressure, but most of the time it is just so wierd that i cant explain it. I know something is wrong, ive been to the dr. numerous times but he hasnt helped at all, i mean he's sent me for a CT scan, neurological exam, and an eeg or ekg. Lots of times my head feels really tight and i cant help but move my scalp (by not moving my head) it feels like if dont it will just keep getting tighter. al the scans and stuff have turned nothing up i have even been to the emergency room about it but yet again nothing. this has really started since i moved into my new house. im always getting a big pulsing in my head every once in a while its like something kicking out of my head i can feel it, its like something is popping. i also get lots of clicking and squeeking in my temple area, and i also get really bad head rushes when i stand up almost like im going to black out. Hot showers seem to help/quell the feelings for a little bit but then it just comes back. if anybody has ANY idea what this is plese help me i have no idea what to do any more it is affecting my entire life i cannot live with this much longer..

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