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it all started when i was in my last year of high school when i was 16. I started getting nervous twitches (durin exam time) .. ticks if you will, i couldnt control it, was strange, its like id get a weird feeling in my head n then i wud jus jerk to the side like i had no control over it what so ever, i came to the conclusion that this was just due to nerves and pressure of my exams. (one of my friends told me he saw me twitch durin an exam and after this i think it made me a little parinoid on if othr people could see me do it, and felt like people would be judging me all the time or looking down their nose at me like i was some kind of freak).

I do continue to get these weird jerks still and im now 21 :confused: anyhow. Ive always had a fair few headakes and pain, but recently the ticks have got a little more frequent and i started to get them in my face and arms etc, which feels so weird! i was talkin yesterday an my mouth twitched mid sentence lol! kinda scares me.. mainly because i dont want any1 to see me twitch, makin me feel more embarassed then i start thinkin more and more,
which makes me more nervous and very self consicious :dizzy:

I also noticed that i have a constant feeling in my head, like pressure, and it seems to be moving around. I had it sharply like a pulsating feeling in the sides of my head for a little while then it cleared, then a weird pain in the back of my neck.
At the moment i still have a strange feeling in my head, im not sure on how to describe it though! its almost like a very dull ake, all around my head. And over the last week my moods were terrible! i thought this may have been due to a hormonal imbalance?
My eyes felt a little strange too.. glazed like... a few weeks back but i had them checked and all is fine there! Just need to change my prescription to slightly stronger lenses :(

All of this does concern me and then i start thinking too much of whats wrong, and get parinoid.
One of my grandads sisters died a few years back of a brain tumour, and im convinced i got something horrible wrong like that im just teriffied to go seek help incase i have something bad like that, our docs are rubbish round here but i still need advice!

has anyone else had weird feelings etc like this?

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