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wow, i thought i was the only one w/ my problem, but reading thru some of the posts i realize it's more common than i thought. i have the wierd 'tingling' sensations and sometimes a slight popping feeling on the right and upper/front side of my head. it feels like the source of the problem is around the temporal region, like a damaged nerve or something (possibly related to my jaw muscles). i say jaw bc i usually dont notice it until later in the day after i have been talking and eating (usually, not always though). i have had tests and gone to numerous doctors but no one has helped so far and nothing has come up wrong. some days are worse than others, depending on stress. when im really stressed it worsens and totally handicaps me (not functionally, just like mentally). if i am concentrating/working hard on something else, i wont feel it. but if i'm just kicking back watching tv or on the computer, it is there.
when i drink wine or a couple of beers, it goes away also. this has totally screwed w/ my emotions/mood and already existing anxiety. its like people think its all in my head (literally!) bc i function normally and try my hardest to maintain a positive attitude when i know that something isnt right.
anyway, i can't decide what to do next bc i am a college student trying to make important decisions and all i can think about is this crap. i just dont understand why no doctors can tell me anything or give me anything that works. at this point, i've lived w/ it for so long, i dont even need to know what it is, just help me to mask the feeling during my day and let me get a steady mood going. i heard yoga works well but i cant be doing yoga 24-7 haha. jeese. i think im gonna try and go to a physical therapist and find the best way to ease the feelings as much as possible. thanks for reading and feel free to post any kind of info u might have to help. thanks and godspeed (bt)

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