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Hi Katie,

Sorry to hear about your terrible symptoms and frustration...welcome to my world. I have been dealing with terrible symptoms for 9 months with no answers. I too have had all the bloodwork, EMG/NVC, Spinal Tap, Brain and Spine MRI's etc. etc. One difference I guess is I had a large cervical herniation 15 months ago...5 months after that happened I got nailed with the neuro stuff. Dizziness, gait disturbance (balance off, took way too much concentration to walk), crazy amounts of muscle twitching, severe neck/arm pain, sympathetic nervous system just whacked out - charged all the time - when it's really overloaded causes hands and/or legs to tremor, hyperreflexia, suddenly I have high blood pressure (it was always low prior to this), numbenss/tingling pretty much everywhere. All of the symptoms are up and down, move around, no 2 days (or hours) quite the same. It's been awful. I encourage you to stick with this board for ideas and support as there are a lot of helpful people with good ideas. It's been so helpful to me. Anyway...I don't have answers yet either...though at some point I believe that I will be reporting about how my crappy neck has been causing this mess...though at this point I have no NS supporting this, though my PCP thinks this needs to be investigated closer. Anyway, my advice - keep pushing, don't let them send you away with the anxiety/depression talk and drugs. Certainly that can contribute to the symptoms - but don't let them make you lose confidence and start to believe "it's in your head." (though physically maybe it is!) :) These board members have helped me to listen to my body and push the docs more for answers. I am trying to remain hopeful that in the next few months I will have some answers (I hate waiting for these appts forever) and will keep posting here. I hope you'll do the same. Good luck. Mona

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