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Your doc could very well be on the right track, perhaps its something to do with muscles and pinched nerves.

On another note however, it could be an issue with your neck spine or your head. You could get an Xray of your Cervical Spine and an MRI of your Cervical Spine. For your brain you can get an MRI or a CT of your brain, which ever is better for finding issues with the brain.

If you have some sort of narrowing going on in in your spinal collum or a disc problem, that could be causing some or all of your symptoms, but just in case it is something to do with the brain, it doesn't hurt to get that checked out as well. I don't want to start to worry you by listing possible things it could be and cause unnecessary anxiety, so to give yourself peice of mind, ask your doc if you could have some or all of these tests done if you want them done, there's no reason that he shouldn't let you. Let us know what they find, Good Luck and God Bless! :angel:

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