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Alrighty, here's an update. My pseudotumor is back...with a vengeance! I went to my ophthalmologist yesterday and he did another visual field. It was alot worse than it was last week (almost all of the peripheral vision in my left eye is gone), and my optic nerves were more swollen than last week. Good thing was that the MRI came back clear. My doc was very concerned with the progression of the symptoms, and he wanted a lumbar puncture as soon as possible. I had that done this morning and my pressure was 31. When I had this before, the highest my pressure was was 32. So they drained a bunch of CSF off and left me with a pressure of 15. I am hoping I don't get a post-lp headache...they are the pits!

I am now just waiting for my ophthalmologist to call and tell me where we are going to go from here...I am guessing he'll put me back on the Diamox. I hate taking it b/c of the side effects. What I can't understand is why the pseudotumor cerebri would just come back all of a sudden, after going 5 years being symptom free. Anyone got any ideas?


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