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Just what type of docs are you currently seeing or have seen in the past?what types of testing have you actually had done?any MRIs MRAs done on your brain and c and t spine?tho it is possible i suppose,i have a feeling that the 'kidney" pain and whats going on inside of your brain are not possibly related in anyway and may be totally seperate issues.its very easy to lump all signs and symptoms together when you have a particular issue going on,but many times,they are totally different issues and should at the very least,be looked into that you know what i mean?while they all 'could' be related,they may not be.

knowing what types of testing you have had done would really help,along with knowing what types of docs you have seen.i cannot believe they are just leaving your severe head pain basically untreated.thats just plain cruel.i know what severe head pain feels like i in my opinion its in humane to let you go on this way,really.with all the different meds availiable out there today,you would thinkthey could at least Rx you something specifically for headaches.i hoestly would demand they do SOMETHING for DO have a right to have your pain approriately treated andto not have to keep suffering here til they decide whatever it is you actually have going on.

some sort of anti migrane med may help.this just reduces the enlargement of the blood vessels withinthe brain which can cause some pretty horrendous head pain.this is what triggers migrane.these would at least be worth a try a last resort,there is also narcotic relief,but the others should probably be tried first as they are geared for headache pain and really do work so much better than even some of the strongest narcotics.hopefuly someone will take notice that you are truely suffering here and need some pretty desperate could always go to the ER too when things are just too much to deserve to have this pain treated,really.keep me posted.if you could answer my questions it would really help.Marcia
Keep getting second opinons and going to different doctors if you have to or go the ER as suggested. You have the right to get what is needed done for you and to be able to get your pain undercontrol.. after all, you are paying THEM. I agree with feelbad. If you haven't had other tests done ask or demand that more be done. MRI and MRA of the Neck, Head and T-spine would be good for starters, but ask what else could be done to help rule things out, you could have many things going on with you, and more than one doc should be managing your case to see what else is gonig on with you. Find some good docs that will work with you and be sure to tell them upon the meeting all of what you are going through and all your concerns. Have them look at everything... Get ultrasounds of your abd and pelvis, have them look at cardio if you feel that might be related...
There are all kinds of test like EKG, EEG, Spinal Tap, Ultrasounds, Cat Scans... just so many things I don't know what would be specfic for your needs, but you can always ask if they can be done to see what is going on. Looking at more labs as well would be good too. You could even have them rule out things like cancer. I'm not saying this to scare you, but so that you can cover all your bases and narrow down what it could possibly be. Good luck to you and God Bless, keep us posted and hang in there, my prayers are with you.

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