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Neck feeling like something moving at the base when I turn my head.
Hearing heartbeat in head coming from around the base of neck I think,
Legs and arms feeling weak.
Hearing heartbeat make a gallop sound about every other beat,
Tightness around the base of the ears both sides,
Feeling of electricity going through upper right chest and side worse on exhurtion.
Feeling of electricity running through hands and left leg and foot,
tightness around neck and head,
general feeling of tireness although you havent done anything,
positional vertigo,
feeling of nervesness for no reason at all
Heart skipping beats ,sometimes just an occassional one and others many at a time especailly worse when nervous,
Feeling the light is playing tricks on your eyes.
Lying down and turning your head and seeing stars,
Legs feel like they dont want to function at a normal pace..
Heartbeat beating faster after eating,
Normal pulse most of the time other than eating..Anyone that could share light on any of these please respond..thanks

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