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[QUOTE=TribeGuy09]Hey all,
About a week ago i started getting pretty bad pressure headaches on the left side of my forehead. FOr awhile now i had been getting slight twinges of pain in various areas around my scalp, and also this creepy-crawly sensation similar to the "chills" that usually affects one side of my scalp at a time. Last weekend I began getting resting tremors in my arms and legs with muscle spasms. It feels like I am unable to fully relax. Starting last week I started feeling sort of light-headed, with a slight dizziness (I'm not falling over or bumping into things, but I don't feel entirely steady either). I went to the doctor yesterday, and he did some tests, my strength on both sides of my body was fine, vision fine, etc. Did notice a slight tremor in my right hand and in my neck. These tremors especially are extremely annoying, especially when I am trying to sleep at night. I'm just wondering if anyone has had symptoms similar to these? I'm 19 years old and in good physical condition.[/QUOTE]hi sory to hear about this i know its frightening ive suffered for 5 years and about 2 weeks ago i went to the docs being sick of being dizzy limbs jumping on their own not just at night now cold creepy numbness atacks one side of my face or fingers go pins and needly, gone back today with a rash that indicates an underlying ilness im told on looking at my blood test results my platelets are abnormally high when i got home and looked this up on the internet i couldnt belive the side effects are all that! i suggest you get yours checked wish someone had told me i had given up hope and even decided on a song to be played at my funeraal how sad and desperate is that good look and keep smiling we have to x michelle

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