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Hello to all,

Please help me if you can. Very early this morning I had a terrible thing happen just like back last February (what started all of this) but not as bad. I slept pretty good and woke up to see my husband off to work. I am off for school break. I had a couple of Christmas cookies went back to bed and read for a bit then turned over to go to sleep. Within about 2 min. I felt a little short of breath, started having burning pain (from the inside out) and tingling in my head, ears, forehead, chest, back, both knees, became a little nauseous, was sweating. My BP was slightly elevated but my pulse was ok. I started feeling better the next 3 hours but felt chilled and kinda yucky. Thought I would eat my oatmeal and have 1 cup of coffee (which neither went down too easy). About 10 min after I ate it happened again, although not quite as bad. Now I just feel yucky and have a slight headache in my forehead, my neck is stiff and sore, my occipital area hurts, my back (hunch back area) is sore and swollen. This is what sent me to the hospital in February, where I had all the heart tests even a heart catheterization which came back normal. I just wondered if this sounds familiar to any one.


HI PearlDoves

Thanks for responding. Yes I am going to the doctors tomorrow. My Primary Care Doctor was the first one I seen and he sent me on to all the other doctors. No, it never happend before after I ate, only while I am in bed asleep and it wakes me up. It only happened 1 more time today not as bad. I do feel kinda sick. I have pains in my stomach and intestines, chilled, headache. I just wondered if I do have something else wrong with me and I get sick from a cold or stomach flu would I react in different ways?

My constant complaints for the last couple years is head pressure, constant pulsating tinnitus, burning, numbness, tingling in head, ears, chest, back knees and terrible neck soreness, stiffness and occipital pain. These are the reasons I have been going to so many doctors to find out what is wrong.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.



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