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I know i may be over worrying but.....for many years ive had headaches..they started out dull about when i was 15 and for the past 6 years they have gotten severe..severe enough to make me not wanna sided (left) into eye temple and behind ear. I noticed as these got worse pain would radiate through the side of my head when i touch my nose and cold weather set it off even worse. Well i finally got insurance and had my MRI done one of the head and one of the neck..My head MRI came back showing 3 lesions (They ruled out MS due to lesion running a different way) and it showed some abnormal signals. Well i went to neurologist and he said lesions were non specific..i wanna know what they are from...any ideas?

Anyways...he diagnosed me with Trigeminal Neuralgia and im now on tegretol which seems to be working well so we are sure that it is TN for sure.
What i wanna know is if you are familiar with said in another post you get the worst headaches of your life with this aneurism. and TN is also considered as worst pain known to man. I was told TN is cause from an abnormal blood vessel pressing on the nerve and also from a tumor. Dr assured me there was no tumor or aneurism...Should i let this go or go for more testing?

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