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Hi michelle,unfortunetly i have to be somewhere soon so i cannot get into as much deatil as i would have liked,hopefully i can do that tomorrow,but i did want to hit the highlights here for you thing,i never said that you get the worst headache of your life when you actually just 'have" an aneurysm.that type of extreme head pain only happens upon an acutual RUPTURE.big big difference there believe me.i actually had no real head pain ging on at all before my aneurysm was actually Dxed.i just had more really freaky neuro head symptoms like heat rushes that went down the back of my head and just feeling'off'?like something just wasn't right inside my head.i also had changes in some rather freaky(but normal for me because of my spinal cord injuries)facial sensations that started to get stronger,thats when my NS sent me for the MRA just to see if i may have an aneurysm.i also have a kidney disease that also made me born with narturally weaker vessel walls.i also was born with whats called a cavernous hemangioma inside of my spinal cord.this too is another form of a vascular malformation.which is what an aneurysm actually is too.

this is actually one possibility that could be your type of 'lesions" there are many possibilities for lesions inside the brain,but the cavernomas and also whats called arteriovenous malformations,or AVMs are also another possibility.i really do think,number one,you need to have an MRA,and number two,start seeing a good neurosurgeon vs just a me on this,i have had to see plenty of both types of specialists over the years for various reasons and in my book,you just cannot beat the overall knowledge and plus the "innerworking' knowledge of a neurosurgeon.they win with me.a neurologist is great for treating headaches,but for any actual 'thing' you may have inside of your brain,you NEED the knowledge of an experienced NS.

you will probably get referred to one at some point so why not do it now?they just really really understand so much more of the more subtle signs and symptoms that occur within the brain and the c spine.iwould never let any other type of specialist,even my ortho who is fantastic with my knee,go near my c spine.its just way too messy in there.

but at any rate,your next step is to find out just what those lesions actual consist he told you that it was indeed an "abnormal 'blood vessel?this could indicate a possible AVM or even a cavernoma but cavernomas are venous fed,and avms are arterially fed.big difference in pressure there.i definitely think an MRA which highlights the arterial structure only would really be of a huge help here in determining just whats up with the abnomal vessel comment and also the possible rule in or out of AVM or even aneurysm.some aneurysms just don't show well upon MRI,mine didn't at took that MRA to actually see it jut because of the position.

one other thing that makes me wonder about a possible AVM or even cavernoma(which would NOT actually show up on MRA because of it being venous not arterial)is the fact that you have had symptoms for so long.these are actually normally a congenital formation that you are actually just born with.i had this glob of blood vessels inside of my spinal cord all of my life but did not know it til i had to have an MRI done on my c spine to determine which disc i had showed up right inside my cord on the MRI.this was around age forty.

do you actually have in your possesion,a copy of the MRI? if not,get one,you need to start keeping your own set of your medical records for many reasons.

well i hope i was able to answer at least some issues here for you.i do have to run tho.if you have any other questions,just hollar.marcia

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