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PD is right,just wanted to clarify something tho,the A in MRA,actually stands for arterial,not angio,an agio is a whole nother ballgame.but what she said.good info to follow.

since you really have no clue as to what is causing this or triggering the head pain,it is ALWAYS a good thing to have it evaluated.that begins with a basic contrasted MRI,they can actually do your brain and your c spine at the very same time.then that gets evaluated,if nothing odd shows up,then you get down to just the arterial level with the MRA.some vascular abnormalities wont always show even on a contrasted MRI,but they usually will on the MRA since the MRA will only highlight just the actual arterial structures within the brain and nothing else,it just gives the arteries a bit more clarity without anything else there to possibly hide something such as an aneurysm or other vascular malformation.

my particular aneurysm did not actually even show up on the MRI i had wasn't til my really wonderfully on top of things NS sent me for that MRA,did it actually show itself.depending on just where they form,some are right there and show up on an MRI quite easily,but if it was like mine,which was at the bend in an artery and also very close to a junction with another artery,well,it can be a bit more obscure.thats where the MRA does its best work,just defining the arterys.
ironically,i had no real head pain to speak of,but had mostly neuro crappy weirdness.heat rushes down the back of my head was a biggie with me.

from what you have given as symptoms here it could be any number of issues from an aneurysm down to just a specific nerve that has been compromised in some way,and in even the c spine area.there are cranial nerves that do run from the head and down thru the c spine to around the c 8 nerve level then loop back up into the head again,this is why you can actually be having some freaky head stuff that is actually stemming from a c spine problem.believe me,i feel my c spine nerve damage in my face every single likes to play with my nose and upper lip.go figure.

but get things rolling by seeing your primary and go from there.i wish you lots of luck and hope this turns out to be a minor blip.please let us know whats up,K?Marcia

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