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Hello to everyone,

Well I went to the Neuro thursday and he said he wants me to have a spinal tap. In my other posts I have listed the neumerous tests I have already had. My primarcy doc wants me to go to mayo. The Neuro said alot of things can be tested with the CSF along with the opening pressure which might show my head pressure problem (one of my main complanints). My other sypmtoms are burning, numbness, tingling of whole head and constant pressure and pulsating tinnitus. He put me on Topamax 25mg. 1 a day for a week working up to 4 a day on a continued basis. I am also on Ambien CR which really helps. I have not slept good in almost a year. So finally some relief. My question is ANYBODY OUT THERE HAVE A SPINAL TAP???? Please tell me everything you can. How horrible was it. How long did it take. How long did you have to remain absolutely still. How did you feel after. If you felt bad after how long did it last. What helped. What all can they test. I really appreciate all of your input. Please let me know even the scary stuff. I need to make an informed decision. Thank you all so much. God Bless. :angel:


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