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I cant stop thinking that there is something wrong with me.
I have been having headaches almost everyday. Usually on the right side of my head, its not really throbing more like squeezing and pinching pain mostly at the top on one side, although I do feel the pain down the back of the head as well as the neck sometimes. I have had these type of headaches off and on for the past 10years. There are times where I will have them constantly for weeks and times where I wont have any for awhile. I also get stabbing pains in my head as well. I have also been having pain in my right eye everytime I blink or if I apply pressure to the corner of my eyelid. Nothing looks weird about my eye, its just th epain when I blink.
For the past few months I have also had pressure in my ears and hear crackiling when I speak or if I am one the phone.
I also get vertigo alot. I have been dealing with anxiety and panic issues as well so not sure if that plays a role.
I am just scared it might be an anuresym. I had a CT scan recently and nothing was found. 10 years ago I had an MRI and all was fine then.
People keep telling me that since I had had the same type of headaches for 10 years and nothing has happened and my MRI was fine then and the CT was fine now that I shouldnt be worried about it.
I am just so worried and cry all the time because I am thinking that if I have a headache everyday it is definatley something serious.
Has anyone else been through this or can relate?

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