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Hi, i have various symptoms which i feel have progressively increased (albeit slowly) or at least persisted over the past 3-4 years. For the most part ive just tried to ignore it, as i tend to ignore problems. I know its not a good attitude, especially when its to do with my health.. but i just cant keep ignoring it much longer.

The main symptoms i have include:
- Sore, stiff legs, arms, shoulders.. even my hands can get sore. occasional neck/lower back pain comes and goes for no reason.
- Numbness, tingliness in arms, hands, fingers, feet.. comes and goes. If i'm sitting down resting, thats when one half of just one hand falls asleep and/or starts tingling. I know this can happen like if u cross your legs for too long, lack of blood flow or whatever.. but it seems to happen more frequently/easily. Its rediculous when im walking around and one of my feet has fallen asleep.
- Lack of balance, deterioriating co-ordination. This includes regular walking.. takes more effort/concentration to look co-ordinated but any lapse and my feet might shuffle, trip up. For example, walking on uneven grounds i occasionally trip up, misjudge distances etc. Other times, i stand up from sitting down - cant even keep my balance, have to quickly readjust my feet to stay upight.
- Difficulty speaking. This is a big concern. I can still talk, communicate.. but i just sometimes have trouble thinkin of the right words i wanna use, constructing a coherent sentence. Mispronounce or slur a word or two. If i concentrate well, you wouldnt know i have any problems.
- Always a feeling of tenseness, on edge. I feel shakey inside but its not exactly arthritis-type shaking on the outside so no one could really tell. Just today, i was sitting down waiting for a hairstyle appointment and my legs felt restless, nervous. They were actually physically shaking (ever so slightly) but it wasnt comfortable.
- Pressure in my chest area. Sometimes feels like i'm short of breath.
- Occasional headaches, pains.. some days pretty bad, other times ok. Another weird thing - if i laugh too hard or continuously for like a couple of minutes, i get this unpleasant pain at the side of my head. So i stop and it gradually relieves. Another sensation i used to experience, not so much anymore - if i felt "self-conscious" or even in hot weather during physical activity, i'd get what feels like little pin pricks inside my head poking the inside of my skull - like millions of them all over my head.. even on my upper back. It would create an intense itching desire, so i scratch my head/back which relieves it. Otherwise it lasts for at least a minute or two, then disappears.

- Blocked, ringing ears. This might not be related but it got to the point where one day i could barely hear a thing so had to see a doctor. They told me it was excess ear wax and cleaned it out, my hearing improved heaps. Also gave me a short-term prescription. But 6 months later they are starting to block up more.. and they still ring (only when its dead quiet i can hear) even after my ears were cleaned.

These symptoms are pretty serious, i know. I havent consulted a doctor (except for my ears), should my first step be to see my local GP? Any ideas what i might have? I guess im afraid to actually find out the truth, how serious it could be.. and how my family/friends will deal with it.

As a side note, im only in my mid-20s. Also, i started puberty late (16) and hard to believe, i dont think i actually finished development. I still look like a young teenager and have the bone/muscle structure of a child rather than an adult. This has always bothered me.. could it be related?

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