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Just how good is this hospital in treating brain injuries?do you know?do they "seem' to be a good hospital?i am just wondering how extensive there overall knowledge of actual brain injuries son sustained a pretty severe one along with a double skull fracture and brain bleed.ALOT of really strange things can go on in the mind of someone whos brain has been significantly injured as things in there are just trying to 'right' themselves.its kind of like when your computer gets a virus or some other majot hit and all the files and everything get really screwed up and out of order?this is kind of the same thing the brain goes thru when it has been injured,and it can take alot of time and rehab just to regain all that has been lost and all that is just way out of son too,would ramble on and on about many different things while he was actually in varying levels of coma.a coma doesn't mean someone is lying there totally unconcious at all.there are actually many different levels of coma that can actually look as tho someone is really kind of awake and with it,but in reality,they are STILL in a coma state.

it is kind of hard to really explain but if you just did a bit of research on coma,you will see what it is i am talking is really ***arre to say the least.

his big issues right now are as what has been stated on the pressure level within his brain.thats probably one of the biggest issues here when the brain has actually suffered any level of is,believe it or not,actually good when someone actually suffers a skull fracture alongwith a brain injury,only because it gives the brain some area,and room for expansion when it swells.if that intra cranialpressure gets to be too much,the brain will overexpand and cause alot more damage just because it is being compressed up against the skull walls.this is when they will usually actually remove a portion of a persons skull,keepit safe while the expansion is going on,then replace it when the threat is gone.really freaky i know,but they can do this.

you just really need to find out just how knowledgeable the neuros are who are treated this child, just need to make sure they are doing the best possible things for the child.he will probably need some rehab care depending on his actual level of injury and what has been affected.

you will probably never really know just what is really going on right now inside that childs head and what he really IS and is not is entirely possible that he really IS seeing some "heavebly bodies" or whatever you want to call it.when my son(yes,the same cjild actually) was dying from liver failure before he recived a life saving transplant,he actually saw my mother in law and father in law,who were and are still deceased.i totally believe that they did come to see him just from how he explained wht they did and certain things about my mother in law that he really had no way of knowing since he never got the chance to meet him.she passed away a week after i found out i was PG with him.she has been his guardian angel.i swear,she has actually 'been there" at certain times which had she not done something,he would have been in a very dire situation.really unbelievable i know,but i DO know she is watching out for him.too many 'things" have happened that would make it almost impossible not to really believe that she is just watching out for is a comfort really.

so who knows who may or may not be there for and with this child right now,you just wont ever really know for sure,mostly since while in the state of coma,he most likely will not remeber a thing about son didn't for the first three weeks of his brain injury hospital stay.but man ,did he ever chat alot.and about really incredibly wierd things or past events,like he was actually there?strange.

just do some research on coma to really try and understand what is really going on inside his brain right now.and also try and get a good feel for whther or not it appears that he really IS in the best possible place for this type of injury,there may be a much better medical facility that would be much better suited for head and brain injury and the rehabilitation aspect that he is going to most likely be needing at some point.he just seems to still be suffering from certain symptoms that would be more likely seen immeditely post injury,that is a more medical urgency than the way they appear to be looking at it from what you have stated just need to make sure he is getting the best possible care with this type of an CAN make a huge difference in overall residual damage.

i widsh him and his parents allthe best and hope this child recovers as quickly as possible.just double check a few things,K? take care,and please keep us posted on how he is doing.marcia

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