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i have experienced whati call "sinus headaches" most of my adult life. they consist of pain in my eye..jaw and down my neck on one side. i get them about once a month. i have never been overly concerned because my mom has always suffered from them too. well, recently i have had this nagging pain at the top of my head. say for like a week or two. it isnt a sharp pain..just a dull pain that comes and goes. it does not keep me from going about my daily activitys. i saw my doctor yesturday. he checked behind my eyes and did some muscle tests. he said it wasnt sinus and that he didnt know what was causing my problem. i told him that i was under some stress and he chalked it up tp that. he told me if it gets progressivly worse or dosnt go away to come back. my question is. does this sound like good advice from my doctor? is he doing the right thing? should i have pushed for something more?
thanks in advance,

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