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Hi all. First of all, let me say that prior to this incident, I had no history of headache, eye, or fatigue problems.

I have been experiencing some odd symptoms for about 3.5 months now. First, a sudden-onset headache that has been with me for most of the past 3 1/2 months. Occassionally it will go, but most of my day it is there and quite obnoxious.

Along with my headache I get a dull pain behind my eyes, which gets worse if I move my eyes around and to the sides.

I have fatigue that can be very extreme. It is always worse in the morning, and is not relieved by sleep. Whereas a year ago, I could function on 6 hours of sleep just fine, now I can sleep 8, 10, or 12 hours just fine but don't feel any better. I always wake up feeling slightly hung over. This feeling will last through the afternoon.

I have seen my an urgent care doc, my GP, an allergist, a neurologist, an opthamalogist, and a neurosurgeon. I have had 12 blood draws, 1 urine test, a spinal tap, a CT scan, and an MRI... many, many tests. Literally the ONLY thing that has come back abnormal has been a pineal mass in my brain, most likely a pineal cyst. It is 1.5 cm, which is larger than average, so I am set to have another MRI in 6 months.

Therefore I join the numerous people on the internet who have headache, fatigue, and other problems and diagnosed with a pineal cyst. I have done a ton of reading (I'm on disability right now) and am fully aware that pineal cysts are very common. (1-4% percent of MRIs, depending on which stats you look at) I am also aware that a doc will only do surgery on it if it presents MAJOR problems (hydrocephalus or clear and significant growth).

That said, it seems FAR too coincidental that those with pineal symptosms all complain of the same or very similar symptoms. Though I cannot be sure it is the cause of my troubles, I have cause to be VERY suspicious.

I am going to an endocrinologist in 2 days to discuss what I can do about the fatigue.

I want to say to anyone that has had or has a pineal cyst, I wish you the very best and would love to chat on this board.

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