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I am embarrased to mention this, but I need to know and forgive me because this sounds silly..

Last Moday I had a horrible painful pain in the side of my head and my right ear started tingling so loud then bang, I lost all hearing out of the right ear. My right arm and righ leg turned all tingly.

I talked with my wife and she thought it might be a stroke, so she had me smile and said one side was a bit lower than the other. She also told me to stick out my tounge to see if it pulls to one side and it didn't. but it didn't act normal either, instead of sticking straight out like I expected it too, it pointed straight up at a very noticable angle.

Now it never did this before, I have always had a point out straight toungue and it was very noticable and very differnt.

This caused me to go to the emergency room. they were very busy and had only one Doc on. He told me to smile, looked in my ear told me there was no infection, and then informed me in a condesending tone when I asked that it was not a stroke. He did test my reflexes but that was about it.

When I mentioned the toungue pointing up thing, he looked down his glasses at me and almost laughed at me. I explained it never did that before and it really points up now and I can't make it point down even when i try. He preteneded it was such a stupid question that he shook his head and moved on. I felt horribly stupid.

After leaving me and wife discussed how rude he was but I am not satisfied with his answer.

I need one more person to tell me my toungue suddenly pointing straight up when I am trying to stick it out has nothing to do with nerve damage and that it just a normal thing, and maybe i didn't notice...

Okay... Sorry... it sounds silly even typing it... Maybe if he just don't a catscan or even looked at the tounge I would feel better...

maybe everyones tongue points up, my wifes didn't

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