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My husband has been suffering with hearing loss in 1 ear since he was 27, he is now 31. Otherwise he is as healthy as a horse. Finally got him to see an ENT 2.5 years ago. Did an MRI, nothing found, don't know why he lost 30% of his hearing in right ear. Constant ringing in his right ear since then. He says it sounds like a "blown speaker". Fast forward to my birthday this year. July 25th I got a call from his boss. They had to rush him to the ER because he was sooo dizzy he collapsed, felt like vomitting and his pulse wasn't what it should be. ER doctor gave him IV fluids, he laid down for a while and they prescribed meclazine(?). Since July he has episodes of extreme spinning. He says it starts with everything seeming to be in slow motion, like his head is turning to one side or the other, and his eyes have to catch up. Then the spins start. The rooom starts to spin incredibly fast. It happens once every couple of days or once a week. No rhyme or reason. The episodes last for HOURS! He has to lay down and bury his head in a blanket. Two of the last episodes happened while he was driving!!!! Once by himself and oncewhile he had our kids in the car.....he drove until he got home by following the bumper of the car in front of him... His ENT truly believes I am over-reacting and this is just residual vertigo from an inner ear infection! But he never gave him any meds for an ear infection. His recent hearing test showed that his hearing is now at a 50% loss across all frequencies in the right ear. Ringing continues. And now we have these spinning episodes. I am so concerned that this may be an acoustic schwannoma or a lesion of some kind. Should we be seeing a neurologist instead of the ENT. ENT is said to be one of the best within the premier hospital system in our region. Any advice from folks who have had similar experience would be helpful. Husband thinks I am over-reacting. Thanks

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