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I sometimes get these dizzy spells, somewhat like something called Benign Positional Vertigo, but it happens for no real reason as far as I can tell…not when I’m up high or anything. Usually I get out of bed and it’s there, and the world is spinning and I can’t walk or stand or even sit properly without feeling this gravitational pressure, pushing my head left and also downward…it’s sort of like something’s suddenly detached in my brain and floating around, instead of the normal grounded feeling of being “anchored” to myself and the world around me…it’s quite horrible and generally lasts for a few hours before I can walk properly, though afterward I still feel quite floaty and vague…

Anyway, it happened yesterday morning when I woke up and took hours to go away, but then I was ok, except from the time I got up, also for several hours, my chest felt all sort of achy and tight and tense, and I noticed my heart was beating in my stomach. You could literally see the skin being pushed out every time it beat, and feel it really strongly through the stomach…and yet in the chest area, there was absolutely nothing! Had my heart somehow migrated to my stomach and this is what caused the dizziness?

I also noticed the back of my neck almost where it meets my head, was tense and a bit sore. I wonder if I’d somehow had a migraine or something in the night or some other odd thing, like a stroke…

I went to the doctor about this the last time it happened (about 4 months ago) but they said it’s hard to tell what could be causing it…do I need a CAT scan or something? I’ve had aura migraines in the past…maybe they’ve damaged my brain in some way.

Has anyone else had this?

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