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I have had similar problems

My symptoms started about 7 years ago when I was sat at work. I suddenly felt as though I was falling backwards off my chair along with the same falling kind of feeling you sometimes get when you are falling asleep. These feelings only lasted a few seconds and I seemed to be able to snap myself out of it. About 2 or 3 weeks after these symptoms I had a really bad dizzy spell, I just felt like I was losing consciousness, felt really confused and scared. I went home and went to bed for about a week, feeling like I had flu or something. Really weak and shaky and cold and dizzy.

After that I had occasional bouts of dizziness and feeling unsteady on my feet but eventually seemed to return to some normality although I never really felt 'right'.

A year or so later I started getting dizziness along with feeling flu like symptoms. I could usually tell in the morning if I was going to have a bad day, just a feeling. My symptoms then started with cold feet and lower legs and just feeling generally grotty.

Since then it seem like I have a constant level of dizziness which never really goes away along with nausea, chest pain etc. The dizziness can be very intense. I have ended up on the floor thinking I was passing out. I also sometimes get the feeling off being pushed or pulled around when walking

During this time I have been checked for Marfans Syndrome, have had ECG's blood tests, exercise tests and echoes of my heart, and tilt tests for blood pressure. I recently saw a neurologist who suggested I may be suffering from Basilar Artery Migraine. He put me on beta blockers which seemed to help a little bit for a while but then I think I passed out, I was so scared I went to the Emergency dept who said there was nothing wrong with me. I went to see my GP and he took me off the beta blockers.

I have been to the Emergency Dept about 4 or 5 times over the years because I have felt so bad like I was about to pass out

My symptoms seem to be getting more frequent these days and lasting for much longer periods of time. I have this constant dizziness, and worse still this feeling of being unreal, dreamlike, numb, somehow detached from reality

I have not had a full week in work since last October when I had a really bad episode of feeling like I was losing consciousness; I was really pale and cold.

I feel like crap the whole time and my GP doesn't seem interested in my symptoms or how scared I am.

I used to be quite sociable and I like the outdoors life and going to the gym etc, but now I am scared to go anywhere. Last time I went a decent walk I got the same symptoms again, feeling like I was passing out and feeling numb, and it also happened last time I went out on my mountain bike, so now I don't do any exercise.

I feel bad for my girlfriend too as we never go anywhere. I won't even go out for a meal these days as I just feel horrible the whole time and I am scared that I will have another of these attacks. I haven't even been to the hairdressers since September last year. Its sounds ridiculous when you write it down but it doesn't feel that way.

I went back to see a cardiologist as my Mum has contacts and got another tilt test which proved negative, however he now wants to do an Angiogram soon just to make sure, but I am so scared about this test. I have read about the risks and you can have a stroke, heart attack, kidney failure etc. My GP has expressed reluctance in letting me have this test and I don't know what to do.

I have also been to see an ENT who thinks there may be a balance problem but needs to do further tests

I want to know, should I put the Angiogram off until I have had the balance tests?

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