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Your symptoms sound very similar to what I had for 6 months. I had dizziness, light headedness, trouble understanding things, remembering, thought I was going crazy. I went to the doctor for 6 months and he thought I had a virus, the steroids he finally put me on helped untill I had to stop them. They all came back right away then. I eventually found out all these symptoms were caused by a strain in my neck and upper back. If you have done any strenuous activity that your muscles are not used to, ( think back to when it started ) they can tighten up and press on the blood vessels causing lack of circulation and this can cause all of these symptoms. Muscle strain does not go away on its own, your symptoms just change. You do not necessarily have to have pain when this happens, it can come on long after the injury to the muscles. My only symptom before all this started was a stiff and aching neck a month before, which I just ignored because I thought it would go away. I only found out what it was myself when I got a dizzy spell one night, and put my hand on my neck to rub it because it was sore, when I put pressure on my neck it hurt quite a bit and was very stiff so I pressed pretty hard and found my neck was way worse than I realized, this also brought about the dizziness even more. I ended up going to physical therapy where they do soft tissue massage on the muscles, this gets all the knots out of them and frees them up and takes the pressure off the blood vessels. I only knew the cause because I had been to physical therapy before after a car accident and had the same foggy symptoms but with alot of neck and upper back pain and this time I just had the head symptoms without much neck pain. I would suggest you get checked by a physical therapist. They can pinpoint a muscle problem very quickly and you get relief very quick also. You can also ask a neuro. to check your trigger points. If this is what you have, all they do is put pressure on certain points in your back and neck and your symptoms will come on again, this is how they find out that your muscles are the cause. Good luck to you
Hi Kasey~
Thanks for your reply, I used to work for a PT and Dr. who specialised in this for 10 years. I used to get trigger point injections which seemed to help the problem some but was only temporary relief. The Dr. had mentioned many times this "could" be the source of my problem being that I had some trouble with my trigger points, but never really elaborated on the dizzy/foggy head feeling being connected. I know if I apply pressure to my trigger points I feel the pain radiate to my head.. I just question whether or not the type of dizziness I feel, and the brain fog, waking up feeling drunk could be related.
Thank you again for advice.. boxerlover:angel:

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