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just an FYI,but your doc was really rather wrong in telling you if something was indeed serious,your symptoms would be worse,believe me,and this comes from experience and alot of research done on alot of my rather ***arre and off the wall type symptoms,it all depends on what the "serious' actually IS that will dictate the severity of brain aneurysm never gave me any actual headaches of any sort just odd feelings inside my head with heat 'flushes" that started about midway down the back of my head and then would slowly 'flush thru my c spine and be gone.these were my only symptoms,nothing else.

there are just so many possible medical issues,alot of them actually congenital,that can be occuring almost anywhere in side your body at any given time that will actually show no symptoms at all til something just causes it to 'present" itself in some spinal cord cavernoma had been in my cord since sirth,but i never had actual symptoms of this thing and it was only upon MRI for another reason that it was actually found there lurking right below the area where my herniated c 6-7 clue it was there at all.i really do think that you should,at this point when nothing appears to be explaining some of the more obscuretype symptoms,that an MRI/MRA would really be the best next step here.some of the problems you are having can very well be attributed to over tight muscles in the back of your neck area,but in alot of cases,the tight muscles can be stemming from some sort of inflammatory response(this is my particular case)within another area.mine is from my c spine mess.

this has just gone on for too long now and getting anMRI would at least help to rule in or out many possibile causes.if everything comes up clear with having both the MRI/MRA done,well then you have probably excluded alot of the more erious types of causes for your symptoms and can work with a good therepist to try and relieve that constant tension that is causing the muscle prblems and headaches.but you just NEED to be sure it is nt from something else.there are just so many possible malformations and other types of issues you can have within the brain and the cord that honestly just wont show themselves unless something actually triggers them to show themselves.alot of aneurysms,when still small,will be whats called 'silent' they are not yet to the point where they are seriosly impacting any structures or nerves so they just sit there and grow til they finally DO start affecting things around them.

just finally obtaining the needed look inside the brain will help alot in many ways.ithink your doc should really want to do this for you since she doesnt appear to really know whats up either ya know?all she has to do here is write the referral and her involvement for this is done.i would really just tell her you want this done in order to just see or make sure that these symptoms are not stemming from the brain,at least it would lessen your stress(which is actually adding to the problem) and give you peace of mind if nothing shows up.i hope she will finally send you for this.please keep us posted,K? good luck,marcia

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