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boxerlover227, have you found an answer?

I have your exact same symptoms: tension in neck and head, not really vertigo but what I call "wooziness". I can especially identify with: "As if my mind is working slower then it should and I find myself getting confused. " Like all my thoughts are going through a funnel. Seems to be gone if I lie down for a while. Feel my best in the morning but seems to kick in shortly after I rise. As if my neck is too stressed to hold my head. Not really pain, more like I feel like I have heavy books on top of my head. It also, when especially bad, seems to come forward into face and eye muscles. My MRI was negative. Chriropractic on the neck SEEMED to help for a while, now is not. Physical therapy exercises seemed to help for a while, now not. PT had me (among other things) walking down a hallway while turning head from side to side but also focusing eyes ahead. I found/find it very challenging to do; I wobble and my eyes don't want to stay on the one spot. (But he also said he didn't see nystagmus, although my primary care physician said he did.) Allergy meds (ENT) and reflux meds (PT thought it might be silent GERD getting up into inner ear area) did not help. Massage didn't do anything. Placing a hand under my chin and the other at the base of the skull in back and lifting seems to bring a bit of relief, but when I let go it comes back and I can't walk around like THAT all day... It's been going on for months.

Where do I turn next?

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