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Hi Kasey~:wave:

I used to have massage therapy before the headaches got this bad and you are right it did help a lot. I definitely tense my shoulders throughout the day. Mostly from anxiety!!
I find that just touching my muscles (such as shoulders) are so sore.
I also clench my teeth, and have some TMJ issues, so I am wondering if there is a connection to this as well. A few months ago I saw a physiatrist, that specializes in pain management and physical therapy. He mentioned that all these headaches are more tension type, especially the feeling of pressure behind my eyes, and my jaw makes some clicking, and clunking sounds upon opening and closing. He suggested medication but I was hesitant. I hate feeling spacey as it is and taking muscle relaxers and antidepressants I am sure will lead to more space!!:dizzy: I just worry about the vertigo end of it. It's really strange, I don't feel like I am spinning, I feel like I am floating, or falling, For example last night I was in the kitchen making dinner and I turned around quick to get something and I felt as if I was going to pass out for a
split second But I NEVER do Or DID, or I feel as if I am sinking, If that makes any sense???
And I also notice if I turn my head and then turn it back I feel an after effect of motion.. If that makes sense as well?? I know if I am having a very anxious/stressful day the symptoms become 100 times worse. I have had this now for 9 years on and off. I thought maybe it was a heart problem but I was sent a few years ago for all kinds of cardio test and everything came back normal. Then I thought inner ear :confused:
I do notice if I am sitting or standing I feel so much discomfort in my shoulders and neck almost like a pulling sensation. so maybe it is all related. And just about all my symptoms subside if I lay down. As if all the pressure in my shoulders and neck subside.
I really appreciate all the input and advice. I get really frustrated and scared at times feeling this way. Did you have the same type of dizzy feelings or were yours more a spinning? As for the headaches some days they aren't so bad just a constant pressure feeling and like I mentioned that pressure is relived when I lay down. And other days they are so bad all I want to do is sleep. I also do notice if I lean my head back all the way I can feel the tension!! Thanks again for any advice.. Boxerlover:angel:

Feelbad~ I thank you also for all the information you sent me as well.
I haven't had a brain Mri in years. When I mentioned it to My Dr. sometime ago she was hesitant at sending me saying my symptoms would be a lot worse if it was serious. At the current time I don't have insurance that would cover such a test, so yeah I guess I am going to have to wait on that one.
I had a physical less then 2 years ago while I was pregnant and everything seemed good then, even though I had these symptoms, but maybe you are right perhaps a simple blood test is needed. I started giving up on Dr's when they started to not take me serious and looked at me like am a nut case, said I am having anxiety and sent me on my way!!:dizzy: Just gets frustrating because I know what I am feeling is real!
As I mentioned to Kasey I am thinking there is a relationship between my TMJ and all this as well.. Thank You again for all your advice.. Boxerlover:angel:
Boxerlover, you really should go to a therapist and get your neck and upper back worked on. It's very obvious by all your symptoms that they are all related. Not all PT's are alike and the one I went to was one of the very few who was trained in the deep soft tissue work. This is what you need. If you just put a little pressure on your neck and it hurts, that shows your muscles are very bad, and if you lay down and they subside, that is because they are just more relaxed then. Try putting way more pressure on your own neck, give yourself a firm massage, and out into your shoulders also. Just doing this will bring some of these symptoms on. I didn't have dizzy spells that made the room spin, I felt like I was floating half the time, I almost fell over a few times but always caught myself. It is common that sometimes the symptoms will be better because your muscles aren't as tense then. But this does not go away on its own, a PT will tell you this, our muscles have a memory, and these symptoms will just keep moving around and changing, not go away. I had it for 6 months before i found out what the cause was, my regular doctor couldn't even figure it out. A trained physical therapist in soft tissue massage can help you. Your doctor can refer you or if your insurance allows it, you can go on your own, I have gone myself when I knew this is what I needed. And yes, this is considered brain fog. I hate it, I have had it twice for months, and I was so out of it mentally, that it took me 6 months of running to the doc taking meds ( with no relief ) before I figured it out on my own ( a little pain in neck ) and went back to the therapist. Many therapists just to the exercise therapy and very little hands on deep tissue work, you need the deep tissue work done, exercises right now can aggravate this. Let me know what you find out. Good luck
boxerlover227, have you found an answer?

I have your exact same symptoms: tension in neck and head, not really vertigo but what I call "wooziness". I can especially identify with: "As if my mind is working slower then it should and I find myself getting confused. " Like all my thoughts are going through a funnel. Seems to be gone if I lie down for a while. Feel my best in the morning but seems to kick in shortly after I rise. As if my neck is too stressed to hold my head. Not really pain, more like I feel like I have heavy books on top of my head. It also, when especially bad, seems to come forward into face and eye muscles. My MRI was negative. Chriropractic on the neck SEEMED to help for a while, now is not. Physical therapy exercises seemed to help for a while, now not. PT had me (among other things) walking down a hallway while turning head from side to side but also focusing eyes ahead. I found/find it very challenging to do; I wobble and my eyes don't want to stay on the one spot. (But he also said he didn't see nystagmus, although my primary care physician said he did.) Allergy meds (ENT) and reflux meds (PT thought it might be silent GERD getting up into inner ear area) did not help. Massage didn't do anything. Placing a hand under my chin and the other at the base of the skull in back and lifting seems to bring a bit of relief, but when I let go it comes back and I can't walk around like THAT all day... It's been going on for months.

Where do I turn next?

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