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I have had constant eye pain (only with movement of my eye) - it is only in one eye. This has been going on for 3 long weeks and I'm about to pull my eye out. I went to the neuro and he has ordered me to have a brain MRI but I am waiting for the insurance company to give their "approval" (amazing isn't it?) to let me get the MRI. Now I'm wondering, if for some reason they don't approve my MRI and it turns out to be something bad...I just find it amazing that they decide whether or not I am worth getting the MRI. Anyway, I am quite bitter about this but that is not why I am posting. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this symptom and ever got a diagnosis? I have also had some minor dizziness - it is more like an "off balance" feeling and tingling in my feet/toes. :confused:
I think you should get the MRI, no matter what. I am going through the same thing minus the dizzy spells and tingling. They suspect MS for me based soley on the MRI and the "optic neuritis" I dont want to scare you but the other symptoms you describe fall into that category...good luck figuring all this out, I too have had the eye pain accompanied with a fog/ haze only in my right eye. It sucks!
I was DX'd with MS, and had that same pain in both eyes, It is a part of optical neuritis, and generally is referred to as retro orbital pain. Dosages of steroids usually can take care of the pain by reducing inflammation. Or, as in my case, it will disappear on its own. and it isn't fatal (a little dark humor).There are a number of white matter diseases that could be the source of your problem, but none of them are good news. Most common would be MS, after that would be one of the leukodystrophies, and after that I have no idea. I only got as far as the leukodystrophy type. My pain lasted for 5 or 6 months, but never returned and my eyes are fine, with only an occasional little flare. Good luck to you. I hope it is something benign, but your other symptoms look like MS. Sorry.
sheramb, I am going through something similar and it's early in the diagnosis process for me but honestly, you can't diagnosis MS just by these symptoms alone. As I just read on another board in this forum, the diagnosis is usually when other things are ruled out -- this statement at least made sense to me from my own symptoms, which are similar to yours (optic neuritis in my left eye and some episodes of tingling and numbness). Anyway, this post is not to infer that you do or don't have MS but to encourage you to start testing with the MRI.

FYI, when my doctor called up the insurance company for pre-authorization so it would be covered, he told them I was having headaches -- that's the only way he said they'd cover it.

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