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Hi Everyone,

I just got my spinal tap results back yesterday and they were all negative (Thank God!) The only thing wrong was my pressure was a little over 300 and the Neuro said that is too high. He is sending me to see a Neuro Ophthalmologists at the Kresge Eye Institute to see if I have Pseudotumor Cerebri and to have something done to protect my eyes. I do have problems only sometimes with not being able to see all the letters in things, and like zig zag movements in both eyes, but when I take a sinus allergy it goes away. I have a lot of pressure in my head, neck , shoulders and upper back. I used to have burning pain when I laid down at night, but since my spinal tap that has stopped. Doctor said that is because they releived pressure by removing fluid. My neuro wanted me to start Diamox but I have a sulfa allergy, he than said Zonegran, but the pharmacists called and told me no cause of my sulfa allergy. I already tried Topamax last month for the headaches but my throat swelled after my fifth day on it so I stopped that. Does any one out there take Diamox even with a sulfa allergy? I did read on the web that some people can take it even though they are allergic to sulfa. Does anyone have any thoughts or information on Psuedotumor Cerebri, How about what they will do with me next. I appreciate all of your responses.

Thank you all,


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