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[QUOTE=zandvoort;2866264]Within 4 weeks in Sept and Oct 2006, almost my entire body became numb (still is). I am fully functional, just feel an odd tingling. Started in the extremeties and is everywhere except the front of my trunk (including my tongue!). Once something got numb, it stayed numb. I am often weak (climbing stairs, swimming, standing in place, after taking a bath) but not fatigued, intermittent urinary incontinence lasting several days at a time, flashing in peripheral of left eye, feel off balance and lately dizzy when I move my head quickly. Ever since my face went numb, I have had pressure in my ears like on a plane but no hearing loss. Had one episode of banding around my waist from diaphragm to naval. Night time and early morning is the worst, often have burning in arms during the night. I pass all the neurological office exams, I have had 2 MRI series, and an emg, all negative. Blood tests for all the obvious, Vitamin Deficiencies, thyroid, liver, lyme, immune issues, etc are negative. I am otherwise very healthy, 42, active. Started night sweats in last month or two so hormones may be on the move. I have been to a rheumatologist and 2 neurologists, one an MS specialist. I am being told to learn to accept and live with what is happening until something measurable shows up somewhere or it goes away. I am doing ok with the acceptance but if anyone has ideas, I'd be glad to hear them. I went to a naturopath who thinks I may have an issue with my natural cortisone systems but I do not understand what that means.[/QUOTE]
Hi, after reading you post I thought I was reading mine. I have almost identical problems. My patchy numbness started in my big toe and has gradually moved up my legs to just under the knees then it started in my left little finger and moved to my wrist, I also have patches on my scalp and my tongue, torso and back. I have been through numerous blood tests and the Neurologist and Rheumatologist cant find the cause. Its a mystery but the numbness continues to worsen so much so that now it seems to be weakening my muscles and I am finding it difficult to walk in a straight line. I have had this for around 10 years now and what ever it is I am fearful of what my future holds especially now that my muscles are now involved.

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