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I'm 33. I've been dizzy since I was 16. I always feel off balance and sometimes it feels like I am wearing a helmet and there is pressure on the inside of my head and ears. I have no pain at all, no headaches, no spinning sensation. I now self medicate with alcohol every night, alone. It is sadly the only time of the day that I feel good. =/

I went to a doctor once when I was 18 and he just blew it off and gave me some anti-dizzy medication that did nothing. Ever since then I have just learned to live with it and usually convince myself that its my fault due to not being able to handle stress, or a bad day, or not enough sleep. I smoked some pot and did some acid as a teenager so I blame it on that as well.

I think the main reason that I haven't been to a doctor in years about it is because I keep toggling with the thought that its just mental. When it first started it caused anxiety attacks because it scared the ***** out of me. Once again, I blamed myself and figured it was just my personality or something. I no longer have anxiety from it because I'm so use to it.

I have now decided that it is NOT mental and I am done with trying to keep myself in mental states to "ignore" or "overcome" it.

Out of the week I am lucky if I feel good one day. I am always tired and feel like I have no energy. But somehow, I am able to hold a professional job, I have a bachelor's degree in physics, and I work out 4 days a week. Some weeks are better than others. Sometimes I feel great and think its over and forget about it. But it always comes back. Its like it goes in cycles from so-so to really bad. Its never totally gone. I get really light headed in the gym as well. But I work out anyways.

I had horrible ear infections as young kid. I had tubes put in my ears about 4 times. I also have always had bad hay fever allergies; you know, itchy eyes, runny nose and lots of sneezing.

I am hoping that it is simply some sort of inner ear problem that can be fixed.

My health insurance kicks in very soon so I plan on seeing a doctor about it finally. I know I am an idiot for letting it go on so long but I have always been afraid docs would say I was crazy. I am to the point where I don't care what they say, I just want an answer.

What are your thoughts guys?

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