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Panicking isnt going to help you in this situation OR change it. I once convinced myself that i had a brain tumor and was doomed before they even found it, i had a cat scan...didnt convince me everyone was telling me you cant see everything blah blah so i freaked and got my way with an MRI with showed i was fine, which was good. i used to prepare myself to drop dead, even now, when i feel cloudy headed or my arm feels weak i go back to that way of thinking but i remind myself, no they did not find anything i am fine there is a less serious cause to what is happening. I personally did not have different sized pupils, i went to a site for you are here is some info i did find:::::

Occasionally, differing pupil size is inherited and there is no underlying disorder. If other family members also have this condition, then pupil size is probably genetic and is nothing to worry about.

At times, for unknown reasons, pupils may differ in size. If there are no other symptoms and if the pupils return to normal, then the temporary condition is nothing to worry about.

Head injuries that cause differing pupil sizes are usually curable with early recognition of danger signs and medical treatment. Complications, however, can be life-threatening or cause permanent disability.

commin causes:
Bleeding inside the skull caused by head injury
Brain tumor or abscess
Infection of membranes around the brain caused by meningitis or encephalitis
Expanding brain lesion such as an aneurysm
Excess pressure in one eye caused by glaucoma
Birth injury, tumor in the chest, or lymph-node pressure that may be accompanied by decreased sweating, a small pupil, or drooping eyelid all on the affected side

The medical history will be obtained and a physical examination performed.

Medical history questions documenting differing pupil size in detail may include:

Is this a new finding?
When did it start?
What other symptoms are also present?
Is there a headache?
Is there nausea?
Is there vomiting?
Is there blurred vision?
Is there double vision?
Is there a fever?
Is there a stiff neck?
Are the eyes light-sensitive (photophobia)?
Is there eye pain?
Is there loss of vision?
The physical examination will include a neurological examination.

Diagnostic tests that may be performed include:

Blood studies such as CBC and blood differential
Cerebrospinal fluid studies (lumbar puncture)
CT scan of the head
Head MRI scan
Tonometry (if glaucoma is suspected)
X-rays of the skull
X-rays of the neck
Depending on the diagnosis, medications may be prescribed including cortisone (to diminish swelling of the brain tissue), anticonvulsant drugs (to control seizures), pain relievers, antibiotics (for bacterial meningitis), or anticancer drugs.


i am in no way trying to make you even more scared, this is just what i found, and if you did have something wrong, you arent doomed! you can always get support here. good luck and give us an update i hope i helped a little for you! maybe you should look up more info into your symptoms so you will find info like the kind i found.

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