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I've been prone to migraines off and on my whole life, had them a lot during puberty, almost never for about 25+ years during the time I raised a family and now along with all the lovelies of menopause (may or may not be related) I am getting them again. I have been on Topomax, 100mgs at night, which has been working, but I always feel that I have a [I]lot [/I]of pressure behind my right eye--also that eye is always the one in which the "aura" or flashing lights prior to the migraine will begin. Last Saturday I woke up feeling "off"-and sure enough, within a few hours a full blown migraine was in progress. I took Imitrex, 100mgs, three hours apart, but the nausea & dizziness never went away--and I mean, it's been almost a week and it still has not gone away!! I have literally been in bed for nearly a week. My hubby was out of town all my kids are too busy with their own lives to help me (and I kept
thinking "tomorrow I'll be ok)--finally yesterday I saw the dr who checked me over pretty thoroly and was alarmed by 2 things: my pupils were noticeably dilated unevenly (right one gets huge, left barely changes) and my BP was 145/98. Normal range for me is 95/70. I was given 2 shots, one for pain and one for nausea, some pills for nausea and dizziness and an MRI was ordered, ASAP. I'll have that on Monday am and the doc will have the results that afternoon. I only had a few hours of respite from the dizziness...literally, maybe four or five in the whole week (w/o any medication). So I did get to the store, once, and to another dr's appt (unrealted to the h/a.) That is literally all I did all week, that and sleep.
Luckily the dizziness subsides with the meclizine--but only for a while and same for the nausea. I woke up this am to another round of the flashing lights, in spite if all the meds I have on board. This is really scaring me.
I know that until I have that MRI I won't have any definitive answers, and maybe not even then, but I am [I]so scared[/I]. Anybody out there have a similar experience? I am going to have to log off & go lie down, just typing this is making my head whirl around.

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