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what medications are you currently taking?i am only asking as i had the most horrid gait and vision problems with some of the anti siezure meds that you are Rxed for neuropathic pain.the absolute worst was gave me horrible double vision along with nasty nasty gait issues,i was walking into things and could not for the life of me,just walk in the middle of my hallway,i kept bopping off the walls like a pin felt like i had just consumed a six pack or something,it was that bad.i DO know that lyrica,espescailly affects the cerebellum very strongly,hence the double vision and the gait issues.

But from what you have described,it does appear that you do indeed have some sort of cerebellar issues running thru your really should try every way to obtain any past family medical it at all possible to either access your aunts medical records or even speak with her doc about this?If anyone remebers her doc,this really would be the very best way to actually find out just what it was that was affecting your aunts health,tho there are privacy laws,things are a bit different once someone dies,there is just not as tight security or confidentiality when this occurs.any doc who knows that a family member is suffering from something familial in nature and has any info that could help with a Dx of another family memeber,in most cases,would not have any problem sharing this particular info with the affected person.i don't know how long ago this aunt actually died,but someone(husband,child?)should be able to remeber something more detailed in order to help you just really DO need to know what it was that she had.It may or may not be the same thing,but this is IN your family line if it was genetic and you do need to be aware of it and in the event of you having any children.some inherited disorders just are either in every generation(you can also just be a carrier of a gene too) or skip a genration,its very dependant on the actual disorder.

you mentioned you had an MRI,was that strictly the spinal area or did it include the brain as well?if you have not actually had a contrasted MRI done on your brain,this would be a very important thing to obtain before even seeing that neurologist.i am pretty certain he or she will want to order one anyway.since it usually takes like forever to actually see any specialist,you would be saving alot of time obtaining the MRI before the appt.if you can have your primary refer you for the MRI it really would make that very first meeting with the neuro much more productive.

i wish you lots of luck with this and hope you don't have anything major going on.please keep us posted on just what you find out,K?Marcia

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