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I was hoping someone could help me. My husband recently suffered a brain hemorrhage. After extensive testing with CT scans, MRI's MRA's & finally an angiogram, nothing was found. The doctors have no explaination for the hemorrhage.
My husband was in a rear end collision a few months prior to this & he sustained very bad back & neck injuries in this accident. He has 7 herniated discs & has been in constant pain since the accident. After doing some research on brain injuries, it seems to me that my husband may have injured or torn a blood vessel in his brain during this accident. He has never had any problems before the car accident & now it's one thing after another. I have read that your brain can be injuried during a rear end collision even though you have not hit your head. His injury was in the frontal lobe which is also consistent with closed head brain injury. He seemed to mentally function fine after the accident, however a few months later, we were noticing signs of confusion & forgetfulness which we didn't thing anything of until this brain hemorrhage occured.
I was wondering if anyone can offer any opinion or insight into this. The doctor's say they don't know.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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