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:D [QUOTE=_mystictiger_;2915672]Hi there

Thank you for your help. Yup my head pains are like that. Thankfully I haven't had one in 6 days so might be easing off (heres hoping anyway).

I thought the pains were Migraine but as for the slurred speech, memory loss, visual disturbances and so on I didn't agree with the GP on this. Unfortunately Im from UK and cant see a Neuro without a referral by my GP. Can take as long as 6 months unless they mark it urgent then less than 3 months. NHS for you (hopeless).

Hugs back and thank you again[/QUOTE]

Hi Mystictiger

Sorry you have been unwell. I have had similar. Am also from UK. I was getting very bad dizziness so that I was almost fainting whenever I stood up.Had pains in the head too and nearly collapsed in the street. Very frightening. I was referred to ENT.Had CT scan, MRI, heart tests and blood tests, all normal. Three visits to A and E and admitted to hospital twice. Was told not an ENT problem.So back to square one and wait to get referred to another specialist.That is a problem with the NHS as you follow one route and can end up in an impasse if you have been referred to the wrong specialist.I had foggy mind, memory loss, could not concentrate, head pains.Then I saw a general specialist who diagnosed two problems.One is neck pain from misaligned neck which creates headaches across the back of the head (occipital nerve) and up to the temple. It also creates dizziness. The other problem is a respiratory problem, persistant hyperventilation, which also creates dizziness. After a visit to chest physiotherapist I had much less dizziness and memory loss. I see a chiropractor regularly to straighten my neck and that has also really helped stop the dizziness. I have a clear head now and no dizziness :D . I still get headaches but not so bad. I recommend getting your dr to refer you to see a general specialist as they look at the whole person rather than say ears, nose and throat. I wasted a lot of time seeing the ENT and then getting referred again. Several drs thought my problem was a neurological one and it was not. It did take so long due to the lumbering NHS monster:rolleyes: Just a thought. Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

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