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Hi everyone,

I've been having strange symptoms for 2-3 months now. It causes me to have head pressure or sharp pains through my skull. But lately the symptoms have become worse - I now have slurred speech and feel very weak and dizzy and I also feel like Im going to faint. Its also affecting my vision (it goes cloudy or foggy) and to top it all off I had a very bad memory. All of these symptoms occurred within 2-3 months.

I saw my GP last week but had to see a Locum. He thought I was having Migraines. I told him straight Im not having Migraines because I've had them for years and I know when a Migraine is coming on. I know the sharp pain through my skull may of been Migraine but the rest is a big NO, especially when no headache or pain occurs.

Anyway GP ordered blood tests for Diabetes, Thyroid, RBC and WBC, Glandular Fever and INR (whatever that is). Im going for these tomorrow morning so I wont get the results for 7-14 days. All the hospitals were closed due to easter holiday which is so annoying.

But Im worried sick about this. I forget everything. Names of things, places, people, name of a object (even a tap a few times) and Im clumsy. I drop things and when this happens my speech becomes slurred. The sharp pain I got through my head occured when I was driving. I can only thank God that the road was practically deserted because I couldn't see anything and my vision went all foggy and the pain was excruciating. It made me shout out loud and Ive got a high pain threshold. My mum thinks I might have Epilepsy but I really don't this its this. I know something is going on in my head. It must be because these symptoms are all related to the head/brain so it makes sense. *sigh* Admittably Im scared. The GP Locum did say he thought I had mild pressure behind my right eye and pressed my head and looked into my eyes, then wrote the blood test form out. He didn't say or do anything else apart from this.Im one of them people that avoid GPs until symptoms are driving me crazy....thats why I went. Hope someone can help.

What does it sound like? It cant be Epilepsy can it or something else? Thank you.

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