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I don't want to freak you out here really,but you DO need to see your doc for an eval on this.honestly,when i developed a brain aneurysm,i had no pre headaches or any actual pain,but what i did have a few different times,was this freaky head wierdness accompanied by this very distinct burning flush that was like at the back of my head then it just dissapated down my a heat flush?if nothing else,i really do think that getting at the very least an MRI with contrast or an MRA which only highlights the arterial structures and nothing else really does need to be obtained.For you,the MRIwith contrast would probably be the best way to go since getting a full look at your brain at the beginning would be able to also rule out or in any other possible problems causing these symptoms.but it really really needs to be i said,i am not trying to give you a heart attack here or anything(this is just a possibility and nothing else)but when i read your symptoms,i honestly thought this was what you have,just because it is exactly the way my aneurysm presented in me last year.there ARE certain treatments availiable so don't get too worried,K? but please,just get this fully evaluated.most peoplewhohave aneurysms in their brains don't even know it til they get big enough to either bleed or start causing things like siezures or other major medical problems.the sooner you can find out you have one,the better for any good outcome.mine was considered to be pretty small,but if my neurosurgeon had not thought to just send me for the MRA scan,i probably never would have known since i also have some pretty significant spinal cord damage and get strange neuro stuff all the time.but i am also at high risk for aneurysm so he just sent me as a precaution.and the rest is history.the sooner you go,the better for you and the smaller it would be which makes them more treatable and less likely to rupture.i wish you luck with this.just get this evaluated and that MRI WITH contrast.the contrast will help to highlight the arteries within the brain,this is what you really do need.if nothing else,just having the actual MRI will either rule it out or in.either way,you should knowwhat may be causeing your symptoms.aneurysms don't always present the same exact way in every particular symptoms just happened to mimic what you are having,thats all.please let me know how things are going,K?Marcia

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