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my son has been thru hell and back starting with this wonderful 'suprise' liver failure we had no clue had been actually going on since before he was even born,with little fibers just a growin in it while still in wasn't til he had reached portal hypertension and just suddenly vomited up a ton of blood at school one day that we even knew he was that point he was already down to only having about 20% of his actual liver function left.he had also just had a 'full' physical to play football only two months prior to this by a stuid PA who was not his normal doc who somehow managed to completely miss an extremely enlarged liver and spleen! can you actually believe that crap?she was immediately fired on the spot when i had to bring our son into see his regular doc for an emergent appt.right after i picked him up from school that day.he was just completely shocked that she missed it.

he ended up getting a life sving "gift' on june 7 2000,and the liver itself has been doing soo much better than i could have ever possibly imagined.but he has had other medical issues going on that included suffering a tramatic brain injury and double skull fracture with a three week coma at varying levels about two years ago.he still has some cognative functioning issues but they are not too overly apparent to others but i see them only because i knew how he was prior to this sucks someties ya know?i am just thankful to still have him here with us considering.thanks for asking onyx.

as far as the aura is just kind of a set of wierd neuro crap that can include(this is what mine is)a sudden strange vision thing where everything gets like looking at a broken mirror type thing?its all displaced looking when i look at something?sometimes i also will get a "block' of numbness that starts at the tips of one side of my body in the finger tips and it just goes,in this about four inch block,up my arm all the way to my face but only on one side?this all starts right before my actual migrane will slam me,this makes it possible(the aura) to take an 'abortive" med like midrin that kind of counteracts the chemical release that actually triggers the migrane itself.if i can get it in me fast enough,usually within about five minutes of when the onset of the aura begins,it will reduce what used to be at some points a two freakin day long migrane hell,down to at most 45 minutes.quite a huge difference.some people tho do not actually get any aura at all so trying to use the abortives like midrin do not work too well unless you can catch them the second of onset.

an aura,in your case,could be anything strange that you feel right before your migranes there anythoing at all that you have noticed that always happens right before your migrane hits you?this could be anything neuro or just an odd feeling of "something'.if you have noticed ANYTHING that comes ALL the time,then an abortive such as midrin could really help you out tons.i suffered with the hell of these dang migranes starting at 13 when there just were not any actual migrane meds even in the works was horrid.getting on midrin really gave me my life back was that bad before.

you are also getting siezures now too?do these coincide with the actual headaches in any real way or are they random attacks?do they know for sure just what triggers them yet?

getting your aneurysm coiled really would be the best way to go actually,it just takes the risk of rupture out of the picture totally when done would most likely be done by a neurointerventional radiologist.i am very lucky to have the one i have.he is the troubleshooter guy that other IRs call when they have a really tough case.i seriously lucked out with this guy.i don't know about you,but for me,just trying to even imagine just monitoring mine scared the living crap out of me.when i was given the news at first by another IR since mine was called away on another emergency that it was not looking good for coiling then told it was not clippable either,well it was not good for me for awhile til they did the angio which my IR replied when asked if it was indeed coilable,his exact words were'oh hell,i can coil THAT".whew,let me tell ya.the thing is that this will continue to enlarge over time and become a bit unstable with size.getting this coiled when it is more stable and much smaller is really the ideal way to do this.i just couldn't handle having that little time bomb inside my brain all the time and worrying about when it was going to decide to let go on me.for me personally,the risk was well worth it.i would have made myself crazy if i had to just monitor it,i was thankful and grateful that this was indeed a coilable aneurysm.some people just do not have any real choicfe BUT to monitor.

the choice to do or not to do the coiling is defintiely a very personal have to weigh the good vs the bad and really take a good hard look at those very real risks that would come with it or without it being done.there are very real risks with doing the coiling just as there are without doing it.just make certain to get the best opinions from neurosurgeons and more importantly the neuro rads.its just a very scarey situation to have to be placed into,believe me, i DO understand where you are at here.if you need to discuss this feel free,i am almost always here every morning as soon as my spasms have released their hostage.take care Onyx,and as usual,keep me posted,K? marcia

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