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Hey Dizzy,

I had an MRI of the brain and neck (cervical) this past December. It was my first. I too have been dealing with the everyday 24/7 headaches, along with continueous ear ringing/hissing, and dizziness. That alone drives me nuts. I was diagnosed with a Pituitary tumor, and c6-7 disc degeneration. They say my tumor is non fuctioning or malignant. I am now working with a neurologists to find out what is going on. I am due for m first Lp puncture next week. It was first going to be done in his office. I refused and forced him to set it up in the radiologists department under fluroscopy. This is the way to go. I'm not looking forward to it but I realize to get better it needs to be done. As far as the MRI it can be a little unsettling. It is very loud even with the earplugs they give you. I was in the tube for just about two hours, because I had both the brain and neck done. They will place a little rubber ball in your hand. If you feel any panic or anxiety, just squeeze the ball. The test will stop and the technician will get you out and give you a breather. They also tell you in minutes how long each scan will be.

I have a second brain MRI in the month of May to monitor the tumor to see if its enlarged..

Good Luck

MRI results are read within 24 hours, probably sooner. In addition to the MRI's,I also had CT scans. What you do is call the radiology department where you had the test the next day. Inquire if they have been read. They won't tell you the results because of the (HIPAA) law. They will tell you if the results are in. If they are you can either go back and sign a release of medical records to yourself, or wait on your doctor. When my results were in I signed the release and faxed them the release with a photocopy of my DL. They faxed back the results within minutes to my home. Also, in my case when a Pituitary tumor was found, I had them burn the MRI on a cd and also picked up the film. To ease your anxiety of anticapating the results I recommend that you do this...

Good Luck

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