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Hey everybody! Sorry I've been silent for a while..have had quite a few checks since and the summary is: all clear (MR, visual potentials ok = no MS, thyroid pretty much back to normal and my brain arteries clear). So it all seems good but i still feel the same which is kinda worrying. Don't know what other checks i could have..any ideas?
But I think (not 100% sure but am quite confident) i know what the problem with my eyes is. not the cause though. I think my focused sight (the focused area) has shrunk so more is in peripheral vision so i feel like perceiving less at the same time or i need 'more looks' to look at something. Let me know if this is not clear.
That's why it feels worse outside with big things and better inside and in dark. I'm also much more light sensitive since which is very annoying. I still get more tired and don't dare doing any sports etc which i really miss. Do you guys think it's safe? I don't feel too good when i have to run...
Anyway, hope you guys feel a little bit better..i try not to stress but am going to germany for a job for a year which is gonna be pretty stressful i'm afraid so hope i'm not gonna get worse...otherwise i'd have to quit and would probably have to take a biiig break from everything. Wish me luck and so do I to you!

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