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Hi ellaguru. I know your symptoms well. I have suffered with burning feet, twitching, sharp pains, and shaking that ranges from a slight tremble to quite violent. I also have 'buzzing' feelings in feet and hands and overreactions to temperature changes, touch and sound. I am waiting for an appointment with a neurologist but chances are these 'neuropathies' are all resulting from an active virus I have now been diagnosed with. This virus Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is not commonly seen in adults although most of us carry it since childhood without symptoms. I have been very ill as it has also attacked my muscles and joints but my regular doctors did not think to test me for it (a specialist physician did 6 weeks down the track). After 4 months and intravenous Vit C therapy I can now believe I will recover eventually. I have a lot of movement back, less pain, more energy,fewer neuropathies. I can now type without hitting the same key 3 times but can only write badly. My fine motor skills are improving slowly. Sometimes I take medication to damp down the muscles so I can drive short distances. I thought I had all kinds of diseases or poisoning but I never guessed this (I hadn't heard of it!) so keep an open mind and keep pushing for answers. Good luck!

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