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Hi marcia,
Thanks for your reply ... the sound realy does seem like its coming from in my head ... like the middle not on the outside where the ears are but like level with the ears but inbetween if you know what i mean?

Its hard to explain the sound but its like a crackling gritty sound like gravel and only when i move my head side to side or when i rotate my head around in a circle.

I do have thick post nasal drip which the only way to get it up is to ( sorry about the use of words )snort realy hard to get it in my throat and then clear my thoat to get it out thru the mouth or else swallow it.

Im wondering if this is something to do with the thick mucus (phleym) blocking something and not allowing the natural fluids to drain out?

Im only confused because the ENT dr saying there was no fluid to be seen in my ears.

My ears do not hurt or anything and i have no sinus pressure etc ... I actually feel great its just this sound .... i mean i wouldnt worry about it so much if i new it was nothing serious but until i know im a wreck with worry!

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