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I too had the same sort of thing. I had a dizzy spell while driving and almost passed out. It felt like the ground was moving when I walked and even when I was sitting still. I went for a balance test and the technician scratched the inside of my ear, giving me a staph infection. The pain want away and then it came back. - no infection or anything and they thought it was trigeminal neuralgia. They put me on antiseizure medication for the pain. After fainting 3 times in 10 minutes due to not eating or sleeping for two days because of the pain, they sent me for an EEG to test for epilepsy. Results were negative.

I saw an ENT, a two neurologists and a neurosurgeon, had a CT scan, an MRI and numerous other pokings and proddings. The final diagnosis was atypical facial pain - the neurosurgeon wanted me to go on Neurontin and get off the heavy duty painkillers I was taking, which were the first things that worked. My family doctor and I decided that the painkillers were allowing me to have a life, addiction was not an issue, so I threw the Neurontin prescription in the garbage.

I still have balance issues and dizzy spells, they worsen from time to time. I did go to physiotherapy for the dizziness and it went away for a while. I've learned to live with it, although it can be very annoying. I am still on the painkillers and the dosage goes up and down. I don't get stoned on them because my body has adjusted to them. I can still drive and everything.

Good luck, Boo63

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