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[QUOTE=Pillbox;3004153]What do you mean nerve pulses? What I mean is can you describe it better? Does it only do it when your eyes are closed and you are near sleep or just laying there? If your eyes are closed and it is a bright flash with a pulse that is your nerve endings firing in your brain. This is normal it happens to me all the time.[/QUOTE]
The feeling is like small painless electrical shocks that are simular to twitching of skin areas such as in our eyelids, from time to time. Kind of hard to properly describe the feeling. Another description is like small blasts of adrenalin going through my head, just little and quick shocks or bursts (painless), no flashs, and always when I am getting into a sleep. Sometimes goes on and off for short while then stops for a bit and starts again. But when I open my eyes it stops. I have had it happen, in the past, when I have had a bad head cold but I notice it more in my eyes. Haven't been to a doctor yet because I just think she will think it's all in my head (not meaning as a joke or pun). Thanks all and I appreciate your feed back and hope to get more. I do have the little "electrical bursts" in my eyes when I am going from the laying position to the sitting postion. I have tried to adjust to the round the clock ear ringing from the tintitus as well as ear plugging over the past 12 years. My hearing has been affected greatly also but the impulses are only about 2 months old. I can fall asleep in a sitting position and never had got the impulses, yet. Once in a great while I have a day of low or maybe even no ear ringing for a day BUT if I doze off, sitting in a chair, even for just a minute, when I awaken my ears have come back very loudly with ringing. I have seen a ENT for the ringing and dizziness about 10 years ago but all he could do is have me get the tinitus maskers (look like hearing aids) and those were adjustable to sound to over ride the ringing. Sound produced by the maskers was worse than the ringing so $1400 down the drain. Another GP doctor perscribed Lorazepam tp try for the dizziness and that has helped that part tremously, even though lorazepam side affects can cause dizziness, but not for me.

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